Displaced Navel related Query-2

Hello Acharya Anoop Sir

This is Kunal from .I am staying in Walkeshwar in Mumbai.Do u have any clinic near this place because i want to do Nabhi treatment in your clinic. I have pain near my navel from many years & have taken enough medication but its not curing.So please reply me back..I am sending my details to you that is Name :Kunal Email :kunal.gandhi83@yahoo.co.in city :Mumbai


Dear Anoop Sir,

My physical problems are as follows:- 1)Continous pain just above the navel from many years & also not curing even after medicines. 2) Continous pain around navel area & also in navel when pressed at that part. 3) After morning stools paining around navel area & feeling weakness after stools. 4) Major problem of formation of gas & getting stuck around navel area. 5) Every day immediately after evening breakfast, i am having to much of gas around navel area.Sometimes this gas passes & sometimes it gets stuck. 6) Major problem of constipation from childhood & its not getting cured. 7) Having acidity near navel area & also having weak eye sight. 8) Knee pain from sometime. 9) To much pain just above navel when pressed at that part from many years & not getting cured.  My mental nature are as follows:- 1) I am of cool mental nature. 2) I do not get angry ofen. 3) I am lacking & very low in self confidence. 4) I am soft spoken person. 5) I am not very aggressive & also not very hyper in nature. Thank You very much for helping me and hope i will be cured completely after your suggestion.

Regards, Kunal


Hello Anoop Sir,

My name is Tripta mann 48 year old lady from Canada Toronto, my problem is i have navel displacement since 10 years with constipation,vomiting indigestion(dyspepsia) abdominal disorder,anxiety, fullness of stomach, BP, ASthma, Knee pain,special all problem from disorder of navel. i am tired now i can not take any allopathic even single pill. It agrivative my stomach problem more. I am very upset mentally and phsycaliy.i want to get rid off this problem. It totally disturb my family and my carrier i can't fox on any thing i can not eat, milk intolerance. food make more upset even light food too please reply me and help me to give me new life. i read on internet about you navel displacement asana. please help me. Thanks a lot


dear anoop ji

i am 28,male,unmarried suffering from navel dislocation for the last l0 years.although i don`t have problems which are generally the symptoms in this case like pain in stomach, going to pass stool frequently in a day. but all the tests to prove the navel dislocation are +ve in my case like measuring the distance of both chest nipples from the navel point which come out to be different,non symmetry of hands & legs etc. My body seems to be inclined towards right side as if the right limbs are shorter than the left ones.my right body parts don`t provide the right support & stature as given by the left parts. i have used vacumm pumps, excercises, got it treated by local pehalwans but of no use. what should i do ? Thanks & Regards

samrat kapoor .


Sri Yogi Anoop ji

My symptoms are as under:- I have to frequently (4-5 times ) pass stool each day. Frequent urination. I suddenly get loose motions. Feel weakness immediate after passing stool. Off late I am also having pain in my buttocks(around anal area) and inner things. Excessive Gas formation. Belching. Bloating . I have got all my tests done. Routine and Culture of stool, urine, blood etc. All results are o.k. The doctors have not found any disease. My stool report says that my food is not properly digested. So the Doc has given me enzymes , but that also did not wor. This has been my problem for last 20 or more years. In between my digestion improved , so I did not bother much. Lately, what I have described above has resurfaced and now for last few months, I am fast loosing weight. Lost muscles. I have become weak.Can you diagnose my ailment and cure it. I need your help urgently. Please --

Sanjeev Narula


Hello Sir

This is mani from UK .my navel always disorder it goes on the left side of my heart. my stomach is bloated all the time. could u tell me something.I am sending my details to you that is

mani .....city :uk


Dear Yogi Anoop,

It was a good experience browsing your website and obtaining health information in regards to naval imbalance. A few days back while lifting some heavy stuff I dislocated my naval muscle and having the exact symptoms of dislocated naval (weakness, stress etc). I\'ve consulted a few people from the Indian community in Sydney, Australia but it didn\'t work for me. They tried to give a few jerks to my leg in order to get the naval adjusted but nothing worked. Please advise me the best and permanent solution which I can fix my my naval point to the middle by myself or no one\'s help and from there on constantly excercise to create a stronger naval muscle. I\'d like to hear a positive reply. Kindest

Regards Tarun


Dear Acharya Anoop ji

i am male 24 years old, 165cm tall, and weight around 68 kilograms, i have > been having stomach cramps lately under my ribs left hand right hand side and around navel. also with back pain lower and middle. I have diaoreah and > constipation resulting in anal fissure. It has not gone away, i was goin to > the gym to lift weights but i have stopped that now. I am also working and > studyin part time. I got to the toilet quiet alot of times to defecate. when i wake up and after i eat breakfast and throughout the day. do you need anything else? can you please help me?

thank you.






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